When arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol it is best to engage the services of a DUI attorney. Lawyers can greatly lower the stress and worry connected with a drunk driving offense. An attorney can help you with your DUI case, however, hopeless as it may appear.

Lawyers are not cheap. You will be facing fines associated with your arrest as well as legal fees for the proper attorney. Hiring a criminal defense attorney will save you money in the long run. You may have lessened penalties, lower fines, and the possibility of having your record expunged. Having legal counsel is a rather sound investment when you are facing a drunk driving charge.

Keep in mind many lawyers will offer a free consultation so that you may get a feel of how likely you are to win your case. If you are one of the unfortunate people that cannot afford an attorney this will at least give you an idea of where to start. Several law firms do offer payment plans, as well.

Searching for a Criminal Attorney

Be diligent in doing your search for a criminal defense attorney. Search the internet and also check reviews. You may be surprised to find an attorney close to you that you may not have heard of before. Regardless of who you choose to make sure that they specialize in criminal defense and driving under the influence. You need an attorney who is experienced in this field. Employing a knowledgeable DUI Law Firm will greatly increase your odds of lowering your DUI charge. It may also save you jail time if this is a repeat offense. Often with a first offense, there is a greater likelihood of lower fines and less severe consequences. When you are a repeat offender, the possibility of jail time, loss of license and larger fines is more probable. You may lose your license, your job, and in some instances, even your family.

drunk_driver_stoppedConsider yourself lucky if you have received a DUI via a traffic stop or a sobriety checkpoint. If you have been arrested and found guilty of driving under the influence while in an accident, you can be sure that the consequences will be more severe. You cannot take the chance of representing yourself. You must hire and experienced criminal attorney.

The best way to avoid being charged with driving Under the Influence is obviously to refrain from alcohol and drug use before getting behind the wheel. The effects of alcohol and drugs have an impact on a person’s judgment and can alter rational thinking. Many good people have found themselves in the situation where they have used poor judgment after the use of drugs or alcohol.  If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of making a wrong decision and driving while intoxicated, contact a DUI attorney for a free consultation today.